HGP Kids – Great Children’s Portraits for a Lifetime

HGP Kids will change how you think about portraits for your children.


Being a member of the HGP Kids Portrait Club is like having a professional photographer always ready to artistically preserve every step of your child’s growth as well as create a lasting legacy for when they have a family of their own.

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Ashleigh has been with HGP Kids since before her first birthday!

Ashleigh - 5th birthday portrait

Here is what Ashleigh’s mom has to say about HGP Kids:

It is a well known truth that our children grow up in the blink of an eye. As desperately as I’d like to hold on to each stage of Ashleigh’s childhood, I know that she will continually grow and change. That reality is why the Hayward Gaude portraits that grace our walls hold such deep meaning for our family. Each portrait is a tribute to all that each passing year of childhood holds and means. Hayward’s portraits preserve in a beautiful way small snippets of Ashleigh’s childhood that when viewed as a whole collection allow us to step back and see the metamorphosis of her childhood. I cannot imagine a better way to keep her childhood close while watching her grow every day. Joining HGP Kids Club is a decision that I am grateful we made every time I walk through our front door and see the beautiful Hayward Gaude portraits gracing our entryway wall. – Dr. Stephanie K. 


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Why families with growing children really need the benefits of the HGP Kids Club:

  • You never have to worry about missing important photographic occasions again – we take care of all the planning.
  • Your investment goes into the portraits, NOT session fees. Members only pay for what they purchase – this will save the typical family many hundreds of dollars during the years that their child changes most, birth to age 14.
  • Member families can schedule a “Life Event” session anytime without session fees!  Examples include: family portraits, sibling portraits, special occasion portraits – you have the option to schedule these anytime with only a small pre-payment for your portraits!
  • Member families get first choice in our Seasonal Event portrait sessions such as Portraits with Santa. No session fees and no lines ever – all Seasonal Event sessions are by appointment.
  • Preferred Member Pricing on portrait packages. Not available outside of HGP Kids Club


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