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Membership Details


There are two classes of membership based on the number of children in the family and continues until the child is 14.

Membership is only paid one time!

For families with a single child, Membership is $99

Families with 2 or more children, Membership is $190


Every family who is a member receives:

  • An Annual Birthday Portrait session for each childno session fee, no portrait pre-pay.

  • Family ‘Life Event’ sessions.  This means any family member can have a session at any time for any reason with no session fee!  i.e. a family portrait, generations portrait, parent/child, you name it, NO session fee. (Depending on the session type, there may be a portrait pre-payment)

  • First Notification for themed sessions.  Santa is our biggest themed session of the year, and member families get first choice reservations.  Again, no session fee, just a pre-pay for your portraits.

  • An Individualized Membership Card for each child in the family.

  • Preferred member pricing on portrait packages.  Not available outside of HGP Kids Club.


When you join, we record all relevant birthdates and special occasions for your family and it is entered in our reminder calendar.  Before any event sneaks up on you, we send you a reminder and confirm whether you would like to schedule a session for that particular date or event.


Member families are NOT required to schedule sessions ever.  

We are your ‘gentle reminder’ system that life events are coming up to make sure you never miss anything important!


Contact us now to get started.