Why have we created HGP Kids Club?  We can sum it up in one simple statement:


Because Children only get One Childhood


Childhood evaporates like the morning dew; one day they are on your knee and the next day they are on their own.  Take it from us, as grandparents we have learned as the years go by; memories are priceless.


We know you capture images constantly on your phone or whatever is handy, and that is great, but there’s more to it than grabbing ‘pics’.

Your family’s story deserves to be preserved forever.


We are visual storytellers and we want to help you tell your story.  Not only to visually create it, but to have it be available to future generations.


Our Kids Club will help you make sure that when they go out on their own, you will be able to proudly pass on their legacy with them.


Contact us now to get started.